‘Homemade’ Chicken Katsu Curry

So I used a cheat, but hold on don’t click off yet.

I have been very busy over the last few weeks and I really wanted a Wagamama’s, but where I live the nearest one is an hour and a half away (I know, tragic). Anyway, like I said I’ve been busy, and I wanted something in the Japanese style and what better way is a Chicken Katsu Curry.

If you have ever been to Tesco you know that there are many options in the shop that are labelled “Katsu Curry”, so I had lots of choice but very little knowledge. So I picked one on the basis that it was cheap and a brand that I’ve heard of, Yutaka.

Yutaka Japanese-Style Katsu Curry 100G Here is the link if you want to buy it; Tesco – Katsu Curry

So basically the instructions tell you to sauté some onions, add some water and add in a few blocks of the sauce. The water will melt them down and eventually thicken up.

On the side I just shoved in some breadcrumb chicken breast (already made from Tesco again) and some veg.

It was a satisfying dinner but the sauce for me did not contain enough heat or curry flavour. So I improvised and added chilli powder, this helped a little. The onions were a strange concept for me but they did bring more flavour and texture to the sauce. Lets just say it was not Wagas.

The chicken for me was the highlight even if I didn’t prep it myself (I’m all about an easy lifestyle – let me off!!) and the vegetables are needed when all you have on your plate is a lump of chicken and some sauce.

I would recommend this sauce to someone who wants a quick fix for the Wagamama’s craving, but I’m going to be trying different alternatives to see if there is any others that are more like the real thing.

I hope this helped and make sure to keep up to date with my other posts,

TM x