Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup – fail?!

I was in a cafe a couple of weeks ago and had the best soup of my entire life, Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato! My mouth is watering thinking about it now…

Anyway, I stuffed myself full and immediately started to look for a recipe that was the equivalent so that I could make it at home. This soup is ideal coming into the winter months – warming you from the inside out.

I searched and searched and finally found this recipe from one of our own on WordPress – thetinyvegankitchen ! If you want to look at the recipe here’s the link.

After finding this gem I was so excited to get started and make this soup. I had most of the ingredients in except the peppers, running to the shops is my favourite thing to do (not!).

Roasting the peppers was easy but in hindsight it wondering if I should have left them in a little longer – their skins were blackened and were soft to touch, but some felt like they could have had another few minutes. I also roasted a garlic clove at the same time to bring another flavour.

The tomatoes that were on heat for 30 minutes, but all their water boiled off. In the end it needed some water to make it blendable and smooth.

There is some things I would just slightly change for next time –

  • More peppers – the flavour was lost
  • Longer roasting of the peppers
  • Add in stock – can be a veg stock
  • Cook the tomatoes with the lid on and for less time
  • Boil in a smaller pot – I thought there was going to be more to blend than there was

Keep in mind this recipe says it serves 4, so . I’m not sure where all my ingredients went but this made about 2 and a 1/2 bowls of soup – keep this in mind.

Even with all of these slight changes I think it was a good tomato soup (with a hint of pepper). I feel as though there needs to be 4 roasted peppers than 2 just to make sure there is that punch of flavour. I did add in the garlic which was a nice undertone and the splash of maple syrup helped sweeten the whole thing a tad.

Overall a good soup but not what I had at the cafe!

I hope this helped in some way – come back for another Recipe Review,


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