Jamie Oliver’s Vegetable Jalfrezi Recipe is the best way to get in your veg without even trying.

For a very long time I thought being a vegetarian meant only salad and carbs, what a boring diet. So I never really explored it, but since moving away from my family home and meat being expensive I have explored more recipes with more veg in them. So when my partner became ill and needed some home cooked goodness to help along the recovery. I thought the best thing to get better is some veg and hot food.

My mum makes an amazing vegetable curry and asked her for the recipe and she gave me Jamie’s. The butternut squash was always the most flavourful bit in the whole recipe, so I was very excited to start.

Ran to the shops and picked up chillis, garlic, coriander and the paste (and paracetamol, of course). We all know that the chopping is always the most tedious and boring part, and there was a lottt of chopping. Prep is obviously key and a trick that I do is just to buy some the frozen veg.

I turned on the pan and put the oil in (forgot the butter) with the intention of adding in the ingredients just to realise I had more chopping to do, i.e. the ginger was hiding under a packet. So I postponed adding the ingredients and left the oil heating in the pan, I quickly found out this was a bad idea. I then looked at the paste jar and it suggested putting half a teaspoon in before the ingredients. It was way too hot and then burned the paste (to a crisp). I didn’t realise this had happened, because I’m too short to see over the lip of the pan. So it was only when I tried to spread it out I realised it was black all over, whoops.

I had no fresh tomatoes and so added in another tinned tomatoes and half the water that was suggested. This seemed to do the trick. I was also a bit heavy handed when adding the balsamic, so to counteract this I added in a slight bit of sugar just balance out the taste (thankfully it helped).

So after a minor fault I stirred it one last time and this is where you put on the lid and let it simmer, but because nothing can ever run smoothly I realised I didn’t bring my lid. So I turned the heat right down and made sure that it didn’t get too dry.

After about 15 minutes on the hob and it was ready to be eaten. Some fluffy rice in the bowl and a peshwari naan in the oven and its ready to be eaten. I did miss a few ingredients like the lemon juice but in all honestly if it was any tarter then it wouldn’t be edible.

What a great recipe to get veggies into your diet but still have lot of flavour. It is very acidic but a great remedy for when you’re feeling slightly lousy. Definitely recommend to anyone trying to include more vegetables in their diet or for a vegetarian.


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