First Disaster

So today I tried the “Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting” by Baker by Nature.

Firstly I needed to go out and buy some ingredients. This ended up being a total of 3 times, due to me rushing and refusing to read the ingredients properly. Finer cake flour was recommended in this recipe to ensure a light and moist cake, but what a serious difference this makes to previous bakes. She does offer a lot of advice about this recipe that is vital for these amazing cakes, coating raspberries in lots of flour was a key to ensure they didn’t sink. I had no idea what ‘Lemon Extract’ was so I just left that out the recipe (whoops) and used extra lemon juice.

Anyway, after reading the pre-recipe instructions a good few times I felt as though I was educated enough to start the prep. Like I said I was in and out of the shops like a mad woman, but these cupcakes looked amazing on the website, so I persevered.

Things were fine with the wet mixture until I added the sour cream and milk. The ingredients started to separate and look less appetising as the minutes went on. She also advised that everything should be room temperature so they would bind. I left the ingredients out of the fridge well in advance, things still separated…

The dry mixture was easy and straight forward, no problems there (thankfully). But I underestimated the size of this batch so ended up moving it into a bigger bowl, so more washing. However, when the ingredients were fully combined it was thick and amazing. Of course I had to taste (who doesn’t), and the hint of lemon in the batter was amazing, it really did steal the show. Finally the raspberries were incorporated and the streaks of pink were mesmerising.

Now I’m not sure if this was just because I couldn’t stop myself from trying (and retrying) the batter but I could only fill 21 cases instead of 24. I also didn’t have a cupcake tray so they were put on a normal baking tray, but its only the taste that really matters, right…. After exactly 22 minutes in the oven they were ready, and brought out to cool. This is when I realised that I needed wayyy more cream cheese (who knew that one tub of cream cheese only has 6oz in it?). After a quick dash to the shops, again, I started preparing the cream cheese frosting and all was going well until the realisation hit that the mixture wasn’t stiffening. It said 4 and 1/2 cups of the the sugar would do, but I reckon I used about twice that amount and still nothing was working. Even being put back in the fridge and whisked a bit more didn’t do the trick, so here you see is where the disaster starts to set in.

I’d been back and forward to the shops all day, I couldn’t go another time. So I opted to just spread on the frosting and hope for the best. Now I have misshapen cupcakes with watery frosting, not my finest ever bake. Note to self – less cream cheese and butter next time.

These cupcakes had the most incredible taste, I used fresh raspberries and could smell them even in the oven. They were a delight to eat and my family all agree. A few tweaks and I think I would have these down to a tee.

Hope this helps even one of you – come back to see my next Recipe Review.


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